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Dimmdrive Demo

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I was thinking that perhaps it would be a good idea to offer a demo version of Dimmdrive. Perhaps you could design it to only work with a single game that everybody already has access to (I'm thinking TF2, as it has long load times and is free, thus making it perfect to example Dimmdrive with).


It would of course have to be a limited version, as in you could not add programs yourself, and the only thing it would detect in your Steam library would be TF2.


While the youtube videos you already have available do peak interest, it's not out of the question that a potential customer may not believe that it is legitimate, as in that it may be doctored to some extent. By offering a limited demo such as the one that I am describing, they would be able to see it's effect first-hand, which would in turn hopefully gain you much more business.

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I can see both sides on this issue.  
I would never tell Tim how to run his business, BUT I would make suggestions based on my background in marketing.

I definitely think that there is a market for streamers and people in other sectors.  Yes, if they get this software, they can evaluate their difference on their system.  


That being said, I would be wary of any demo version.  Why?  Because it won't take long for it to be cracked, or have some fake passwords keygens, or something.  The community will decimate a demo, quickly.  I'm not saying that it can't be done, I'm just suggesting that to make a secure demo is MUCH MUCH more effort and resources than it seems.


I personally would volunteer to find the best streamers and candidates for dimmdrive.  I would love to help market this, but I believe that it is a quite delicate situation (to put it nicely). There are many cases of software being killed by demos.


My suggestion is a tiered referral system.  So, if I get someone into dimmdrive, I make a little for that sale.  If that person sells 500 dimmdrives, I should still benefit because I found a high value customer.   Just my 2 cents - 


I don't think that you need to do much more to the software, I think that getting it into the right hands will do enough.



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One thing is for sure: If Tim decides to ever release a demo, it will be much, much harder to break if he does it through Steam, which will have to wait until after he gets Dimmdrive on Steam. Hell, he could even put in a one hour testing limit that couldn't be bipassed by just redownloading it, and then make it so the beta would work with any game. Getting on Steam is a big step, and it will be opening a lot of doors for Tim (distribution, demos, free advertisement through a free 48 hour testing weekend, etc.)


Demos are interesting. For games, they tend to be a bad idea, due to most of the 9 possible outcomes being negative; but for programs that offer a precise and easily defined service (like Dimmdrive does), they can work miracles, due to consumers already having  pretty good idea of what it is, and the demo really being nothing less than a limited version of the actual product.


I've also suggested that Tim sponsors streamers and Youtubers (mostly streamers, due to the real-time benefit), but I've not heard any response from him on that.


A tiered referral system would be interesting, but I don't think that a monetary benefit would be right, and benefiting from somebody you referred, referring others, seems really bad. Perhaps instead, it would be better to unlock privileges such as access to beta-releases of Dimmdrive, access to a private portion of the forums (would only really matter if the forums became more active), and coupons for friends (or to sell, if you really feel like being a dick) to get DD at a discount.

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Deadmeat, there is a sponsorship and affiliate links.

I've already got mine on


You bring up a good point about steam, being more secure.


I would personally like to see purchasers have the ability to grant

free demos for a certain time period.  This way, the demos would be 

limited and tracked (kind of), but more importantly it would create 

a referral track for purchasers.  The idea is that we will still be telling

our friends of the benefit of DD, and can still get rewarded for such.


IMHO, one of the biggest reasons for a trial/demo period is competition.

There are free ram drive options.  Why should someone purchase a 

program that they can get for free?  Understandably, people will be 

hesitant to trust that they will get the same increases.  


I've been in arguments with techs about faster hard drives helping FPS.

I think that this is a misconception in the industry. They think that it is not

possible, regardless of our tested results.  Even when you explain I/O 

bottleneck, they say that it is just for games that are horribly coded.

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