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Skinny XML Game Profiles (and a cleaner GUI)

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Also posted this in my support topic, but it should feel more at home here.


1. I'm hoping for a GUI redesign.

One that allows me to select or create a short list from all the installed games, instead of showing two or three icons with a lot of eye candy (the skin is fun, but I will not be looking at it that long, a cleaner more professional interface would be nice.

Perhaps the community could help with sending mock-ups?

Done, now if only we could resize the window.


2. XML game profile sharing for trimming down ramdrive requirements would be very useful.

The XML files could lose a lot of 'fat' by just listing the subdirectories that are of interest.

Creating a profile for League of Legends currently results in a 7 MB xml file, listing all the files I unselected.

For web hosting, a standard zip compressing could add up to 90-99% compression, in current case of LoL 7.5 MB to 250 KB.


Instead of listing the entire subdirectory tree, just use unlinked status as default for any files not included or excluded explicitly.


Files and folders not included in the profile are excluded by default (perhaps a static files and folders count could alert users of changed, but most likely the user will notice when a game has been patched or not loading as smooth)


A profile would then only need to keep track of the following:

1. Relative folder / file path

2. One of the following settings:

A. All subdirs and files

B. All subdirs, but not files

C. Include files in this folder (not those in subdirs)

D. Explicitly excluded (the folder was included by a parent folder, but excluded by the user)

E. Implicitly excluded (the parent folder has option C, D or E or this is a excluded root subdirectory) the files marked with E are simply ignored and not stored, not even the E status is stored as it is implicit ;-)

F. Partial, subdirs or files are using B,C,D, need to parse subnodes


This should cut down the file to a few KB's and require less complicated logic to correctly symlink.

Dimmdrive could rebuild the entire file & directory structure in memory based on the information from this kind of descriptive XML.

It could:

- Skip parsing entire folder structures with option E 

- Directly symlink option A folders without needing to know either of their contents.

- In case of B check / symlink the subdirs as appropriate, not linking the folder itself thus skipping the files.

- In case of C symlink the files, but not the folders

- In case of D (re link to original location?)

- Case F is the complex state and would require more explicit definitions, perhaps folders like this could still carry options A through E but use the XML nodes to correctly parse the contents (just parsing the assigned options and using the known subnodes when appropriate)

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I have been working with Tim on a re-design of the UI, here is a WIP image (some changes have been made after this image, there is also other color variations, this is just a mockup image and would look differently when coded)


It would look and function similar to the Steam UI, where you can sort (by the columns) or do partial or full name searches, don't expect it all to come at once though :D

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Wow looks nice, yeah getting GUI right can be a handfull. No worries, the list with a way to control which ones are at the top is good enough for now ;-)

Just read up on the GUI thread in the offtopic area, wow this is really going to be awesome!


Perhaps work with Tim to put a sticky post up with things he is working on?

I would not have added the GUI request if I had seen those posts earlier ;-)

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Hey there Freezy!


You have some great ideas!  Yea IceBadger has some amazing designs.  


I am right in the middle of a home move IRL which has stolen my attention for the past month-ish.  Once things settle down then I'll be back to Dimmdrive hardcore, including pretty much all the suggestions that have been piling in.  My first course of action is to redo the website, and the actual DD GUI to the one that IceBadger has posted.  Coming Soon ™   :)


Keep the awesome suggestions coming!!

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Whoa that looks awesome! I logged on to suggest a type of category system. I like using dimmdrive for gaming and for a tad of photo shop but I have limited RAM so I was thinking we could have like favorite set ups


Games | Work | Browsing | Editing


Something like that, but it looks like in the new GUI that it'll be taken care of lol

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