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Steam games not detected (with log) and some other thoughts on dimmdrive

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Steam: 25 jan 2014, Api v012

Windows 8.1 64 bit


No steam games have shown up in dimmdrive. <Fixed with the version of March 24th >


I recommend you detect dimmdrive, OS and steam version numbers and put those in these output logs.


The application should also contain it's build/version number for easy reference, perhaps in the about section.

A auto update or at least a update notification (with opt-in or opt-out) would be welcome as well.


I don't need all these games to load into dimmdrive, but it would be nice to have actual steam intergration.

As nothing of the  integrates directly into Steam  seems to be true in whatever function or form.

Perhaps changing the marketing into: Automatically detects installed steam games


The status debug application shows the games, so I'm sure dimmdrive will be able to find them soon.

" Dimmdrive Helper Service:    Connected Failed  " worries me though.



I tried multiple re-installs and steam config resets, but none have helped so far.


Updating to version 10011 was a little annoying having to setup all the other games again.

Perhaps you could store the manually configured games in a config file or registry and display an option to leave these alone while uninstalling?



All these comments are made with the goal of helping the improvement of the application, please treat them as such.

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[2014-02-06 18:08:12] Dimmdrive started
[2014-02-06 18:08:12] Found Steam path in 32bit Registry: E:\Steam
[2014-02-06 18:08:12] Opened config file for processing
[2014-02-06 18:08:12] Found Software header
[2014-02-06 18:08:12] Decrepated method: Found 0 steamapps, with 0 paths.
[2014-02-06 18:08:12] Decrepated method: Found 0 valid combinations.
[2014-02-06 18:08:12] AppID not found in config at E:\Steam\SteamApps\appmanifest_107100.acf

[2014-02-06 18:08:12] AppID not found in config at G:\SteamSSD\SteamApps\appmanifest_105600.acf
[2014-02-06 18:08:12] AppID not found in config at G:\SteamSSD\SteamApps\appmanifest_9900.acf
[2014-02-06 18:08:12] Primary Method: Found 0 steamapps.
[2014-02-06 18:08:12] Sorted List of games by directoryname
[2014-02-06 18:08:12] Finished Processing

In the middle there is a lot more of the same.

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could this be because all my acf files use appID instead of AppID?

perhaps you could check with case insensitive or just both cases?



Nope that wasn't it, changing the case to AppID still works with steam but dimmdrive still doesnt detect anything.

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Nope I am using neither of those two, I do have Visual Studio and some overclocking tools installed.

The scanner seems to be able to find the install directories though, so I bet the issue will be resolved soon.


I'm hoping for a GUI redesign (that allows me to select or create a short list from all the installed games, instead of showing two or three icons with a lot of eye candy (the skin is fun, but I will not be looking at it that long, a cleaner 'boring' interface would be just fine).


XML game profile sharing for trimming down ramdrive requirements would be very usefull.

The XML files could lose a lot of 'fat' by just listing the subdirectories that are of interrest.

Creating a profile for League of Legends currently results in a 7 MB xml file, listing all the files I unselected.

For web hosting, a standard zip compressing could add up to 90-99% compression, in current case of lol 7.5 MB to 250 KB.


Instead of listing the entire subdirectory tree, just use unlinked status as default for any files not listed explicitly.


Files and folders not included in the profile are excluded by default (perhaps a static files and folders count could alert users of changed, but most likely the user will notice when a game has been patched or not loading as smooth)


A profile would then only need to keep track of the following:

1. Relative folder / file path

2. One of the following settings:

A. All subdirs and files

B. All subdirs, but not files

C. Include files in this folder (not those in subdirs)

D. Explicitly excluded (the folder was included by a parent folder, but excluded by the user)

E. Implicitly excluded (the parent folder has option C, D or E or this is a excluded root subdirectory) the files marked with E are simply ignored and not stored, not even the E status is stored as it is implicit ;-)

F. Partial, subdirs or files are using B,C,D, need to parse subnodes


This should cut down the file to a few KB's and require less complicated logic to correctly symlink.

Dimmdrive could rebuild the entire file & directory structure in memory based on the information from this kind of descriptive XML.

It could:

- Skip parsing entire folder structures with option E 

- Directly symlink option A folders without needing to know the either of their contents.

- In case of B check / symlink the subdirs as appropriate, not linking the folder itself thus skipping the files.

- In case of C symlink the files, but not the folders

- In case of D (re link to original location?)

- Case F is the complex state and would require more explicit definitions, perhaps folders like this could still carry options A through E but use the XML nodes to correctly parse the contents (just parsing the assigned options and using the known subnodes when appropriate)



Long post is long and going off topic, sorry ;-)

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Great post and suggestions.  A lot of them are on the list for the GUI redesign.  


I would try to rebuild your config.VDF by simply renaming it in the Steam dir, restarting Steam, and then waiting a few minutes and then running Dimmdrive.  See here:

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Steam games are now being detected with the march 24th update !!! YAY !! (in app version number still MIA, not even in the log? :o).

All steam folders spanning multiple drives showing all the installed games, all 131 of them.


Now the wait begins for a new GUI :-P

Perhaps a complete overhaul is a bit much to do right now, but sorting favorites first would already be useful.


AWESOME job so far though! :-D


p.s. please fix the update procedure in a future version, login info and custom profiles get deleted now due to the requirement of the uninstall.

I'm sure that most of the uninstall is not required, at least exclude the application data from the uninstall (or add a tickbox to leave it be).

If old version data serialization is a problem, just implement version based serialization (it's surprisingly easy) and update / upgrade / change or delete when and if it is needed.

There are lots of pages with code for importing serialized data of older versions.



- Current installation, configured with profiles etc

- Download new version

- Uninstall old version

- Install new version

- enter login info again, tick the remember box

- configure everything again



- Open dimmdrive

- Notification after login: A new version is available

- Download new version
- install new version (or auto install) <- Note it patches the current install, so no need to uninstall first (the installer could be scripted to this for us)

- New version starts up, logs in and converts old data where needed.

The wish could boil down to two steps:

- Start
- Update, dimmdrive opens after patching

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Hey Freezy!


When you say the Version number is missing, you mean in the middle right where Dimmdrive says  Version 10012?   Can you post a screenshot?


About the upgrade/update process.  You're 100% right, that is definitely going to happen.  The reason I haven't added it yet is because Dimmdrive is still very new and the complexity involved with what Dimmdrive does often requires some pretty drastic updates which have a high likelihood of making your config not backward compatible.  So rather than battle through a myriad potential of bugs due to version/config clashes, it basically blows away your config and makes you redo it.  


That is just temporary until things reach a more steady/stable state  :rolleyes:


Ideally, what is going to happen, in order, is this:


Massive Dimmdrive GUI / game configuration rebuild.   <--- In progress now!!

Update the website to not look so markety/gimmicky  <--- I'll admit I need help here, my web design skills are meeeeeh

Get Dimmdrive officially listed on Steam via Greenlight  <--- Super excited about this

Integrate an auto-updating config saving method for updates  <---  Will likely be a smoother operation due to tighter integration with Steam



I'm busting ass to make it all happen  :ph34r:

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