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Version 10011 Released!

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Version 10011 has been released!  The following updates were applied:


  1. STEAM FIX:  Dimmdrive's Steam game detection methods have been enhanced.  
  2. BUG FIX:  When your PC is told to shut down before Dimmdrive was shut down, issues can occur with Dimmdrive's next start-up.  This has been resolved.
  3. BUG FIX:  Dimmdrive now functions better with single-files being added to the "Other Programs" area
  4. BUG FIX:  Folders with a "." or " " (space) in the start of the name now correction function in the "Other Programs" area
  5. BUG FIX:  Dimmdrive now detects duplicate versions of itself and informs the user to only run it once.


  1. Go into your Add / Remove Programs inside Windows, and uninstall Dimmdrive.
  2. Reboot
  3. Download the latest Dimmdrive and install it
  4. Reboot
  5. Enjoy!


Download Latest Dimmdrive Here!

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