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Video comparison of TF2: Dimmdrive vs HD

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A lot of people are asking about TF2 and Dimmdrive so I went ahead and made a video.  The game loads nearly twice as fast which is awesome!




As with all games, some things to note:


  • Have they loaded the game a ton?  The windows superfetch is all over it.  Once they load a different game, that super fetch for the prior game gets wiped.  So when doing your own tests, load up some random other game to clear out any pre-established temporary cache you have on your system.  Then load up whatever game you want to test.
  • How are they configuring Dimmdrive?
  • Have they left ample RAM for the game?
  • Is the game itself capable of using the high speeds?  Eg, Solitaire won't use it for example  :)


I'll be doing more videos in the future, especially as I get the hang of doing comparisons/benchmarks.

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