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Hey all,


Basically, Dimmdrive doesn't delete anything, ever.  It just copies into RAM, and renames the original files, and then creates symlinks to the RAM versions.  


The problem we are seeing here is that people are not closing Dimmdrive correctly for whatever reason and then trying to start whatever program they were using.  What ends up happening is, if you don't close Dimmdrive, they Dimmdrive cannot remove the symbolic links and rename the files.  


If you go into area where the files on your normal HD reside, you'll see a  <original dir name>.dd.presync     If you did the "Less RAM?" option, then go into the directory and you'll see a bunch of <filename>.dd.presync files


This is the directory that Dimmdrive renames the files in order to maintain integrity and not have any file lost.


So if you then try to start the program without closing Dimmdrive correctly, the original file paths won't match (but the files are indeed there).  So any of your normal program install shortcuts/etc won't work.


Then, if you restart DD, depending on how you have things set up, DD won't see the program/game anymore, or DD will go into try hard mode and look for file paths that aren't there and then crash.




1)  Close Dimmdrive correctly!


2)  Just rename the files/dirs and remove the .dd.presync  


That's it  :)



NOTE:   I'm definitely going to build something into a Dimmdrive update to smooth this out and allow for recoveries automagically.

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Yes, please do.  First time I tried to use DIMMDrive, it crashed, leaving a bunch of *.dd.presync files.  I don't know why, but it really, really doesn't like the game Subnautica.  (Unity engine 5.4.3f1).


Win 10 x64, 16GB RAM, i5-6500, 256 GB SSD, 2TB HDD

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