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 Hi all,


  New to the forum and posting after learning about DIMMDrive through Steam and Reddit.


  While I play WoW and FFXIV more than open terrain shooters, I immediately picked DIMMDrive up thinking it would also help my photography and videography workflow.


  I only have 32 GB of RAM in the system so I can't quite cache a large Premiere project yet fully to RAM with everything else, I've noticed some slight improvement in photo editing via PS and Canon DPP which alone makes the purchase worthwhile.  I've tried making the symbolic links work before but it's nice to see DIMMDrive automate the process, cache everything - with redundency in mind, and make it far easier to create a RAM drive.


  Got another 32 GB incoming so I can max this board and cache say, an entire wedding of RAWs, or the larger MMO games.


  Thanks for making an excellent product so far.


  EVGA X79 Dark 
  ​Intel i7 4930K @ 4.2G
  32 GB DDR 1866 G Skill Sniper CAS 9

  EVGA GTX Titan X S​​C

  Samsung 830 Pro 500 GB SSD and various other SSD / HDDs
  EVGA SR-2 1200w PSU
  Lian-Li PC-P80

  Scores aren't the highest in the world on here but it's decent, I think.


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:) I am happy that it is working for you!

In my main system I also have 32GB and I am a Graphic Designer among other things. I always put my entire projects on Dimmdrive :)


Now my CPU is my bottleneck haha. My decently old 4670k just doesn't cut it anymore, but I don't have the cash to purchase a new mobo and CPU right now sadly.


I want to be able to edit my 4k videos, but the 4670k chokes up after scrubbing through the timeline hahaha.


Timings of the ram also play a huge part in the speed of the ram. The Mhz may be higher than average, but typically the timings will be higher unless you bought a crazy expensive kit haha.


I got luck with my 32gig kit. I ended up with 1600mhz stock, but oced them and tightened up the timings from like 8-8-7-10 to 6-6-7-8 :D I get a throughput of around 11,000 sequential read and write. 

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