REQUEST: Cleanup of dd.symlink Folders/Files

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Hey I think it could be awesome to cleanup those dd.symlink files,
atleast have the option to make it check a folder through for them and remove it, or just clean up after use.
I'm trying to get Smite working correctly, I even tried to load the Hi-Rez launcher etc. But as I ran it with "Limited" to avoid conflicts on the Service exe,
I saw a dd.symlink for each file and folder which I had to remove by myself, even after I removed it the folder from Dimmdrive.
(I'm best reachable through Steam as for the Notification in Steam)

Best Regards,

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Thank you for posting this on our forums here as well as Steam.


I believe this would be a great addition, because I've noticed that the sync folders tend to stop the ability for the parent folder to be copied to another location.

If you do go to copy it, the action will freeze and stall once it comes across a sync file/folder.



If you go into your profile settings you can set it up with just a check of a box to have it email you when something is posted among other responses.

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