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We live in the Chrome browser ecosystem (Gmail, Docs, etc etc).


A "1-click" option to load Chrome via Dimmdrive and *force* Chrome cache to save to Dimmdrive would be huge for us, and a lot of other business users.  Then the final piece would be auto-saving that cache on exit and reloading on resume.

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So having moved a bunch of our clients across to Google Apps for Work, we started testing performance of Gmail using a RAM disk for Chrome caching where Gmail has been installed as an "add to desktop" app on Win 10.  


The improvement is very noticeable; basically flicking between emails and different folder views feels instantaneously when the ram disk in use. But when turned off the latency, albeit milliseconds is felt (we even ran a double blind test here to make sure of no bias!)


 This is basically the last little step to getting "desktop-like" performance out of web based applications.

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