Windows 10 RAMDisk format

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Post System Info:

OS: Windows 10

Amount of RAM: 16GB

120GB SSD system drive, 4TB storage drive

Have Steam? Yes


Describe The Bug:

No error message

Windows prompt stating RAMDisk drive must be formatted before use. DIMMDrive loads the RAMDisk properly even while ignoring the prompt. Prompt can be cancelled with no ill effects.

Was the Dimmdrive drive still available? Yes



Steps To Reproduce:

1)  Have windows 10

2)  Build a RAMDisk

3)  Format prompt appears


Non-critical error. Program still works fine. More of an annoyance due to the extra system prompt.

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Hey there,


If you reboot and try again, does it still pop up?


It won't be formally Win10 100% working till the OS stops making changes and finally releases :)

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Ya, this occurs every single time DD is enabled. Also I've found that It takes a long time to Prepare the drive and prepare to stop the drive. Both are just annoyances of course as it seems the program still works just fine.

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I just did an update to Dimmdrive that should help with Windows 10.  Make sure to blast away your old DD config everything before doing the new update!

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Hey Tim,


Could you elaborate on "Make sure you blast away your old DD config..." 


I uninstalled DD via steam, reinstalled via steam and when I try to create the RAM drive on Windows 10....well, things go wonky. 


It takes fore........e...v...e....r.... for the drive to be created.  Once it does, windows say "You have to format first" and I need to give the new drive a name.  I do that, however, once in a while the RAM drive just disappears.  Strangest thing ever.  I then turn off Ramdrive from DD.  Then it takes fore........e.....v.......e........r for it to complete.


Any words of wisdom?

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Hello Tim and all other DD Users,
Just an FYI for those who are having issues with the format issue.  I actually will go in and complete the format process and DD runs 1000% BETTER!
Here are the steps I take.  Yes It may take a few minutes longer, BUT, the overall experience is far superior than just starting DD and ignoring the format window:
    Step 1:  Start DD and let it completely load (I too have the ssllloooowwww startup)
    Step 2:  Whether I receive the "format the drive" window or not, I still go into explorer and manually format the DD drive (I used drive J)
    Step 3:  Shut off the DD (the program still is open and on the screen - do not exit the program - only shut off the drive using the shutoff button clicking to off)
    Step 4:  Now click the start drive on and restart the drive again.  WOW!!!!! What an improvement over starting the DD for the first time only and letting it load.
My system specs are Win 10 pro, 16gig ram, 500gig SSD, Alienware i5, 8gig Dimmdrive
I use quite a few of Adobe software products and the load times after completing the above steps increasing the performance of the software by leaps and bounds.  IE: loading Adobe Illustrator without DD loaded takes roughly 60 secs. With DD loaded (without formatting the drive) loads in around 32 secs. After formatting the drive and starting Illustrator 9 seconds.
I am not sure what Win 10 is doing with the DD drive originally when it loads, but I can assure you, formatting the drive REALLY makes a difference!!
Tim, is there any way you can right a batch file to automatically format the drive in the first stages prior to DD loading (software loaded and then clicking the "turn drive on" button)?  I can try an make a video for you so that you can see how much better DD works after formatting the drive.  Huge difference!!
Thanks! :D :D :D
p.s. I thought you something new coming out that I had pre-paid...any word?

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