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Good morning,


I'd like to request a feature, where it is either possible to launch more than one instance of dimmdrive and create a couple of different ram drives, or where you can handle this in a single instance, with selecting different drive letters for various games/folders or programs.


It would enable you (for example) keep Firefox running on drive Z, while you change your current game from A to Game B on drive Y, without taking offline the drive Z with Firefox running.


I'm currently unable to use Dimmdrive together with programms, because every time I want to play something I need to take the Drive offline first.



Kind regards

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Please reply whether this proposed feature is yet on the roadmap.

Ramdisk is useful for running web browser and for seeding torrents and... and the need to stop/start all, globally, seems really inconvenient.

Multiple concurrent instances of dimmdrive, instead of switches enabling toggling individual virtual X,Y,Z named drives within the UI a single dimmdrive instance, either solution would be fine.

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You can set up multiple folders at once in Dimmdrive, as well as use it as a generic location for temporary data if you'd like.


As far as a road map feature, you could recommend it!

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