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Fun with Internal HDD Transfer Benchmarks

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Just because I was bored, I was curious to benchmark internal transfers between HDDs on my rig going to the DIMMDRIVE.   So much discussion on how fast files transferred from DIMMDRIVE, what about transferring files TO DIMMDRIVE.   Hey, let's find out....


I was wondering if there was tweaking to be done to speed up the process of copying files from the HDD to the DIMMDRIVE.  Outside the obligatory RAID arrays and such, more along the lines of everyday user with standard setups.


What impressed me was truly the difference between Mechanical and SSD drives.  So, just sharing for grins and giggles.


Mechanical Drive: Seagate ST2000DM001, 2TB, 7200RPM, SATA 6Gbps, NCQ, 64MB buffer.   Pretty common of a HDD spindle


SSD: Kingston Hyperx 3K SH10323120G 120GB SSD.


Transfers from Spindle to RAMDRIVE averages about 180MB/s


Transfer from SSD to RAMDRIVE averages about 480MB/s


So loading from SSD to RAMDRIVE is, if you are looking at using rough estimates, at least as twice as fast from the SSD than from spindle drive.


There are tricks to speed up spindle drives for about a ~50% gain called Short-Stroking, it works, but even with a 50% gain, you're still looking at 240MB/s on the spindle drive, still no where near SSD.


So, my conclusion, wait the few extra ticks on the clock, peruse the internet, let DIMMDRIVE do its thing and use that time waiting for your game to be ready to reflect on the awesomeness which you are about to lay down on unexpecting noobs....or opening a bag a chips, both work.....



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