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Glad to see things are still banging away.  I just downloaded the 3.0 Beta but I didn't see the option we talked about a few years back:

I see in USB 3.0 Turbo my Platter drives show up, but my C: drive using the Samsung EVO mSata doesn't.  Back to my original post, If I created a temp folder on my C drive, large enough to hold, say a single game (8GB for example), then I move the game from my Platter drive to the mSata folder and create the symlinks for the O/S.  Now I'm running off of mSata.  Now, I can tell Dimmdrive to grab the most used files for the game and load into RAMDRIVE.  When RAMDRIVE does, it's going to go to the platter drive, the O/S will redirect it to my mSata, DIMMDRIVE will grab the files from mSata, create the symlinks, and load it into memory.  IN the end, the game is running in Hybrid, some off my mSata and some off of RAMDRIVE but NONE off very slow platter...


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