Dimmdrive crashes when turning the drive on

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Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with a problem I'm having. I just bought this program, and I would like to get it to work.


My program crashes after I turn the drive from off -> On. This happens right after all files has been moved to the RAM. 






Hope somebody are able to help me out.


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Hi there.


I need to gather some information on your computer to help you out. Please Press and Hold the Windows Key + R at the same time and type dxdiag and hit enter.


Choose NO on the popup if you haven't opened this before.


Wait for it to finish gathering information and click Save All Information.


Upload that document somewhere and PM the link to me or just copy its contents into a private message. 


Let me know if you have any questions.


     Thanks, Michael.

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I have some more information to come with. 


The application crashes only when trying to add software to the drive. Steam games runs without problems. 

I then tried to load in a Counter-Strike:Source and Skype, which resulted in a crash. When I started Dimmdrive again, Counter-Strike:Source was removed from the list of games. 

I then reinstalled the software, with no luck. The game is still gone from the list. Another problem I see, is that it's not possible to add software to the drive by dragging icons directly from desktop. Right click and add is the only option.


Hope this helps, and that someone may have a solution.

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I had this problem (with the game Subnautica).  Requested Steam refund, as it's not usable in its current state for me.  Will check back after an update or two to see if it's working correctly.

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