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One Thousand and TWO uses for DIMMDRIVE

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So, I just got a CD of x-rays of my foot, jacked up my pinky toe pretty fierce...anywhooo....


The CD came with a viewer to read the x-ray formatted images.  I tried running of the CD-rom, painfully slow.  I thought about copying to my HD, but, then inspiration struck.  I copied the contents to my RAMDRIVE and ran/viewed the images from that. that's performance !!


Images loaded instantaneously.  I ran a few tests from my Spindle Drive, my SSD and then RAMDRIVE.  Spindle Drive was snappy, SSD was quick, RAMDRIVE was FAST !!!!!


What was most impressive, as DIMMDRIVEs biggest asset from my perspective is how easily and quickly a RAMDRIVE is created (Blank in this scenario) to use the spare RAM in my PC to speed up, well, most anything.


Although the idea of RAMDISK isn't unique, how easily DIMMDRIVE makes use of this truly is.  Kudos to DIMMDRIVE for making something this easy to use !!


Now, what would be One Thousand and THREE uses.....hhhmmmm......


Oh, shameless plug to be able to create DIMMDRIVE partition on SSD, way totally wicked and useful !!!

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