no sync after update (steam version)

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After last update (12 jan) the program works but does not sync altered files like altered settings. 

I've checked and the programes  are not running when loading them into dimmdrive


It appears that only steam games ar affected

and this started after the last update. Before this update i had no problems.


my systems is 

windows 7

32 GB ddr3

dimmdrive set to 16 GB


ps sorry for any bad english (i'm dutch)



After checking i can confirm that the problem is connected with steam games. other programes do sync

And to make things difficult not all games have this problem. 

Counterstrik go is only game what constant fail to sync. Other games fail somethimes.


futher more after the upgrade i cannot autologin. the program asks for name and password when i load it when windows starts. Steam starts automatic. And the program doesn't ask for name/password when steam is running

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i also encounter this/a similar error, but for non-steam games/apps (didnt play a steam game since i got dimmdrive)


the files get "synced" as in, written to HDD, but are not synced with the original folder, they stay in the post-sync one,

and upon deactivating the game/app, and than reactivating. the files get deleted and thus lost, since no sync with the original folder


win 7 prof

32gb ram

drive size 12gb

hdd is a raid0 ssd

steam version


no error msgs (that i noticed)

no popups, no crashes

dimmdrive still available


i also set the exe's to run as admin, no difference


if you need more infos or for me to try out some stuff just ask.

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They get written real time, and everything returns to normal when Dimmdrive is turned off. I tested and confirmed working fine and posted a youtube vid a week ago.

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This appears to have happened to me with Marvel Comic Super Heros on Steam.  I keep this game fully loaded in my Dimmdrive for my son and after getting a Red Brick (power up) which multiplies score I went and farmed the necessary Studs (currency) to buy the upgrade for him within the game (this is not an in-app purchase, you actually buy upgrades using the in-game currency from NPC characters)


Anyhow I made the purchase and turned it on and verified that the score multiplier was working.  When I made the purchase the auto-save icon appeared and I changed game zones which also auto-saves the game.  Afterwards I shutdown the game and Dimmdrive normally and went to bed.  The next day I check and not only does our one and only save game not have the score multiplier unlocked but the studs I farmed are missing.  Our save game pre-dates the effort by a few hours.  Note that I have run the game entirely from the Dimmdrive so it is clear that it does sync files generally but apparently not in every case.  There have been a few other instances of lost progress after and auto or manual save in this game that mirror this latest experiance.


This may or may not be a bug but if it is it seems to be intermittent and thus it will be hard to track and diagnose.  I would run Dimmdrive in a diagnostic mode if that would gather helpful data to see if this issue is real.

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I tested, seems to work just fine.  You can test yourself by not enabling a game, just do a folder in "Apps" and then edit a blah.txt file and such.

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Good day


I just bought DD and loaded the whole game on DD: Life is feudal, started, loaded a lot quicker but still an age and a day. Played flawlessly. Switched off DD. All settings for sync are enabled. Redid everything again and saw nothing has been saved, lost all my progress. It's like DD did not sync at all. Thought the save files were in another location and that would make the difference, but after searching the webz, I found the save files were in the Daemon file loaded with the game in DD. Could you please advise what will be my next step.

Watched the vid of you syncing the save file, but I see no difference to what I did. O yeah, forgot to say, It was done on Steam.




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I've encountered the same issue with my Agrarian Skies 2 Server (Modded Minecraft). Some friends and I played a bit then I turn off DimmDrive and the world files did not sync. Had to do it manually.

At least I had a backup of the world.

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Windfox, are you running a dedicated server, as in you run a batch file and it generates the world?


Make sure that you put all of the server siles/folders in one singular parent folder and then just add that one parent folder to the apps tab and run it like that.


I have a few MC servers. Once I get home I'll go ahead and test it myself! I think I've done it before, but I forget.


     Best, Michael.


EDIT: Yup, just as I had thought. It works fine. Here is what I did.

1. I put my Tekkit Legends folder into the Apps tab of Dimmdrive

2. Made sure that the More Ram option was checked for the Tekkit folder

3. Turned on the Tekkit folder

4. Started the Dimmdrive

5. Opened file explorer and navigated to the Dimmdrive (Z:\) by default

6. Started the Tekkit server

7. Logged onto the server and broke several blocks and placed a few

8. Logged off

9. Shut down the server

10. Turned off Dimmdrive and waited for it to finish syncing everything back the rest of the way

11. Started the server normally

12. Logged on and noticed all the changes had been saved


Any questions, let me know. I'll make a video if this didn't solve the issue, just let me know! :D

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