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These are mostly GUI related, but feedback nonetheless.


1. When turning on DD for a game, the GUI automatically moves it to the top of the list, however, the game list slider remains at its location.  I would think the code that moves the game to the top of the list should also refresh the scrolling window to move the focus back to the top of the list as well.


2. I'm hoping DD is working on even more integration into STEAM.  Ultimate would be to have all the settings and switches in the STEAM app itself and not require a standalone GUI, but until that day (not holding my breath) maybe one can hope for the listing in DD to match Steam, including favorites and such.  Makes navigating a file structure easier in DD if you are familiar with the structure already from the STEAM app.  Having the sliders and configuration natively in the STEAM app would be totally nutz on!!


3. Maybe a search window in DD GUI?, start typing the game name and the scroll window goes to that...makes finding games faster...


4. Support Transparency Window (aesthetics only)


I'm very happy with the ease in which DD makes configuration of RAMDISKs available to the user.  It's a wonderful simplification of the concept, big Kudos!  


Reality tho, if from some act or miracle we can get DD integrated in the Steam APP directly....whoa.....totally awesome!!!



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