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I just learned of this program and really like the idea. However with games being larger and larger by the day it seems unlikely that all games can be completely loaded into the ramdisk. Thus your feature to selectively load files is very handy indeed. However I would find it even more useful to have that process made (semi-)automatic, i.e. crowdsources. Why should 50 ppl go through the process of figuring out which files to speed up, when 1 person is pretty much enough? 


So if there were a possibility to share the analysis results I figure that would increase the usability quite a lot. As an example:


A user only has a dimmdrive of 4GB. He installs WOW (obviously a lot larger). The software looks into a database created by other users which files best to put into that drive and gives recommendations to the user. 


This list could also be populated automatically by monitoring which files get accessed the most - perhaps even figuring out which file accesses cause framerate drops etc. Although that would possibly be quite tricky to implement. 


TL;DR: Nice program, thanks for the work. Might wanna consider tweaking the usability a bit :)

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I agree entirely with this feature and would use it for almost every game. I have only 8GB of ram which is hardly enough to run even 2 year old games. A feature like selecting RAM size to the 'Most useful files' would be great also.


8GB - Cache, bin, models

16GB - Cache, bin, models, maps, textures




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I agree with this feature, but would it be based on the user-created lists or from a survey that pings all users that will be stored in a database?


I think eventually we as a community will provide a list of files to use to accommodate users that need to use the Less RAM feature of DimmDrive, but it will be a compilation for everyone. Maybe from there it can be preloaded as a set list (.txt? .xml file? Another file type altogether?) for users to load into their DimmDrive settings. But from there it could be a set for each and every game and that means for 100s of games this could be tedious.

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