Just learned of Dimmdrive!!!

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what an awesome idea this dimmdrive thing... I just seen it upcoming on steam


I am so excited to try it out...


is there a demo or something I can try until I buy it?


I have 350 steam games, and a youtube channel that gets over 10,000 views per month

and if this software works I will be happy to help spread the word of this awesome app...



My current rig:

quad core 3.0 phenom II

1 gb radeon hd 6870

8GB 1333mhz ram


Rig Im going to build this spring:

8Core 4ghz or better

4GB video card or better

32GB of ram



I think this software would help my current rig ALOT...

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Hey there!


Thanks for the kind words :)   There isn't a demo of it out now, mainly since our big focus is adding new features and supporting existing users, and getting it up on Steam.  I am not sure if a demo will happen in the near future.  That being said, there is a LOT of information out now about Dimmdrive.   Here are a couple of videos showing it in action :)







Send me a PM about your youtube channel and maybe we could work something out :)

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so that means i cant use it if i didnt purchase it?

i downloaded it made a forum account, tried to log in and im getting Dimmdrive couldnt not authenticate your account message

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Anybody can download it but it requires verified login information to use.


A good comparison would be Steam. Anybody can download Steam, but you can only use it if you have an account (the difference is that Steam is free of course).

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