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Found 2 results

  1. Automatic setup to get max boost to WoW... So There is files what are more important to WoW speed than other files so if you use less ram mode it counts (gets list of important) files what you must get to less ram setup automatic. Like "addons" ok, "graf files" No ram e naught , "Sound" ok... And so on. As long that your ram drive is full and all what you can put in is ready to use. So automatic boost add button to Less ram setup. - Tarskineater
  2. So I take it, that its a bad idea to have Dimmdrive load the WoW interface folder if you use the Curse client? After downloading my addons then adding the Interface folder to my World of Warcraft configuration in Dimmdrive, launching the game, setting up my mods then exiting the game and returning to Curse to load more addons, the client says I no longer have any addons installed. After investigating in the WoW folder, I found I have 3 interface folders now. interface/addons which is empty Interface.dd.presync/Addons which contains all of my addons I had loaded into Curse client earlier Interface.dd.symlink which I can't access. Is there any way to fix this, or should I just not have Dimmdrive load the Interface folder for World of Warcraft? - Zaleon