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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Tim, Although I haven't yet purchased Dimmdrive (I only have 8Gb and all the games I am playing right now are bigger, so need to put the cash towards more RAM), I would like to offer up some suggestions reagrding the partial game feature that is coming and also the USB3 turbo mode. 1. Would it be possible for Dimmdrive to "suggest" files that may be ignored from the copy to Dimmdrive based on such things as extension (avi, mkv and such) as well as folder keywords such as "intro" or "movies" and then just sym link those over? 2. From what I understand USB3 Turbo mode is using the flash memory as a kind of persistant cache so on subsequent loading it uses that instead of getting the application/game from the HDD again. Could you have the ability to nominate a folder on a SSD drive to do the same thing? I would say a lot of people are using a SSD as a boot/OS drive and Steam installed on a larger HDD and then some form of sym link of the games they are currently playing back to the SSD. With using Dimmdrive and a cache folder of the games on the SSD, subsequent loading would be even faster than USB3. Obviously the USB3 route should still exist as it is cheaper than a SSD. I am a developer as well and I really like the idea of this bit of kit. I am also an admin over at We are a UK based gaming community and gamestore and I have posted up some info regarding your Dimmdrive so hopefully our members can try it out for themselves Cheers Bev.