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  1. Hey Tim. This is the thing that I was trying to explain to you on Reddit earlier. Basically the idea is that it could be possible to have Dimmdrive move data to an SSD if you don't have any extra RAM space left for Dimmdive. Simply put: Normally when using Dimmdrive if you have 32GB of RAM and want to play a 50GB game you would probably create about a 28GB RAM disk using Dimmdrive and have the remaining 22GB of data load off of your HDD. Using my suggestion if you create the 28GB RAM disk the remaining 22GB could automatically be copied to your SSD so your computer would load your game off of Dimmdrive and the SSD. The advantage of this over simply having had the game on your SSD and using Dimmdrive is that you don't have to keep the game on your SSD. SSD storage costs far more than HDD storage does so it makes sense to use your SSD as a sort of temporary storage like your RAM. I guess if you needed a name for this, it could be called a SWAP drive, as it is using your SSD (permanent storage device) as a temporary storage device (Ã la SWAP).