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Found 2 results

  1. It's probably a specific mod that's having issues,but I haven't seen anyone else with the same problem after a quick look through the forum. The game crashes after the initial Bethesda splash when it's loading the menu, not in-game. But when I deactivate dimmdrive, Skyrim loads up and runs fine. I'm only using a 6 GB ram drive to put the big data files in. Is there anyone else having similar issues or know a possible fix?
  2. So I spent some time this evening in Skyrim. I use the SKSE Mod loader with Skyrim, and I used the filter to track anything dealing with TESV.exe. I tried to load around towns and random areas a bit. I'm a little confused whether the Process Monitor was able to capture the mods use or not. Regardless, here are my results. Textures.bsa (1.3GB), Meshes.bsa (1.4GB), Sounds.bsa (900MB) are the top three accessed files. So if have about 4GB extra, I'd say do those. From there, animations.bsa (40MB), misc.bsa (169MB), Voices (1.3GB), and mods (Unofficial skyrim Patch and Guard Dialogue Overhaul). It was a mess when I installed Skyrim Mods. They are present on the C drive, while Skyrim is located on my D drive. (It was my first attempt at using mods for a game, besides Minecraft). I'm thinking of wiping everything and doing a fresh install. Regardless, I hope this is helpful to someone.