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Found 8 results

  1. Having small amounts of RAM at a slightly higher speed, or more RAM @ slower speed, with my Mid-Heavy game on DimmDrive? PC Specs: APU A6 6400k 8gb 2133mhz RAM (currently set) or 12gb 1600mhz RAM (with Game On DimmDrive) I would imagine DimmDrive SHOULD have significant amounts of gains if I have the Memory using dimmdrive to allocate the game files right? On an APU at least? I noticed 10-15FPS increase, adding a faster speed from 1600 - 2133mhz. but I am not entirely sure if putting more RAM is better, as most people say, faster RAM is more important that Bigger RAM for APU. I put my entire game on DimmDrive on my main PC, AMD FX8320 with R7 360 card, and virtually no performance increase. So before I add DimmDrive to my APU or More Memory, i would like to know what everyone thinks. Thanks
  2. There is a new DDR4 memory module on the market, it's called memory1. Each module has a max density of 256 gb ( per module). Its produced by a company call Diablo. This is a link to one of their articles. My question is- is it possible for Dimmdrive to recognize/ support up to 2 TBs of ram even if the motherboard can only support 64 gbs?.
  3. Hey Tim. This is the thing that I was trying to explain to you on Reddit earlier. Basically the idea is that it could be possible to have Dimmdrive move data to an SSD if you don't have any extra RAM space left for Dimmdive. Simply put: Normally when using Dimmdrive if you have 32GB of RAM and want to play a 50GB game you would probably create about a 28GB RAM disk using Dimmdrive and have the remaining 22GB of data load off of your HDD. Using my suggestion if you create the 28GB RAM disk the remaining 22GB could automatically be copied to your SSD so your computer would load your game off of Dimmdrive and the SSD. The advantage of this over simply having had the game on your SSD and using Dimmdrive is that you don't have to keep the game on your SSD. SSD storage costs far more than HDD storage does so it makes sense to use your SSD as a sort of temporary storage like your RAM. I guess if you needed a name for this, it could be called a SWAP drive, as it is using your SSD (permanent storage device) as a temporary storage device (Ã la SWAP).
  4. Automatic setup to get max boost to WoW... So There is files what are more important to WoW speed than other files so if you use less ram mode it counts (gets list of important) files what you must get to less ram setup automatic. Like "addons" ok, "graf files" No ram e naught , "Sound" ok... And so on. As long that your ram drive is full and all what you can put in is ready to use. So automatic boost add button to Less ram setup. - Tarskineater
  5. Hi, I think this is the right thread for this. I understand (I think I do) the basic idea for what dimmdrive is, with the ram created hardrive and what not, but I am getting confused with the actual function of ram. Let me explain. so ram is temporary memory used to load processes or temporary files, the more ram the more processes you can run right? Ok, so if I have dimmdrive installed and lets day I have 16gb ram and I'm using 4gb on dimmdrive, I would have 12gb of ram to run processes whilst 4gb of my ram is being used to hold assests for a game? Also, what does the other 12gb do, and does using 4gb of ram on dimmdrive have effects on the ammount of processes I can run? like for example does using dimmdrive reduce the amount of processes I can run because my ram is being used as a hardrive for game assests. Even if this is the case does it actually have any impact when gaming and only running the windows and the game processes? Thanks for any help
  6. I am adoring this program so far and what it is trying to do but my friends have skeptical questions before jumping in. Does DIMMDRIVE reduce the life expectancy of your RAM by making it work more? I would arguably say it wouldn't as you are telling your computer WHERE to look for the files before hand. If you could Tim, please shed some light on this question Thank you very much!
  7. Hey, I'm Spritzo. I created an account just to ask this question because I couldn't seem to find anyone else asking the same thing. I've known about DimmDrive for a while but I've never used it simply because I do a bunch of multitasking even while I'm playing my video games. I livestream daily as well, and that also involves quite a bit of multitasking; I usually have about five programs open during my stream, all necessary for the stream of course. I would like to know if DimmDrive would hinder my ability to multitask while playing a game, or affect my streaming quality or my streaming "effectiveness" I guess. From my understanding, DimmDrive simply allocates a select amount of RAM to serve as a temporary hard drive to store the game files while you're playing, and the remaining RAM that isn't being used by DimmDrive is still available for whatever it is you need it for (other programs and such). Is this correct to assume? Is this what DimmDrive does? I currently have 16GB of RAM, and lets say I choose to allocate 8GB to DimmDrive to play Guild Wars 2, I would have 8GB left to use elsewhere, in my case, programs needed for streaming. At this point I don't really know how much RAM I use while I'm streaming, so I don't know if there would ever be a case where I wouldn't have enough extra RAM for extra programs while running DimmDrive. It's never been an issue so I've never checked my RAM usage while streaming or simply multitasking. I can't imagine that I use 8GB, but this is strictly an example. TL;DR: With 16GB RAM available in my PC, would using DimmDrive affect my ability to multitask while playing video games? Thanks.
  8. I'm trying to play Thief using Dimmdrive, but Thief is a 24 GB Game. I have my drive size set to 3 GB on a D drive. My RAM until I put my new stick in is 4 GB. Can I not play a game larger than my RAM? I have to play games smaller than 4 GB large? EDIT: Nevermind, I understand. Sorry, but I can't find a delete post button.