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Found 2 results

  1. I made a video comparison here of World of Warcraft using Dimmdrive, SSD, and a HD. I reviewed the 3 HDs based on: INITIAL LOADING 1. Dimmdrive: 2.398 sec 2. SSD: 3.413 sec 3. Mech: 8.040 sec CHARACTER SELECT 1: Dimmdrive 2: SSD 3: Mech ENTER WORLD 1: Dimmdrive 2: SSD 3: Mech SMOOTHNESS 1. Dimmdrive wins out by far. Have fun watching
  2. A lot of people are asking about TF2 and Dimmdrive so I went ahead and made a video. The game loads nearly twice as fast which is awesome! As with all games, some things to note: Have they loaded the game a ton? The windows superfetch is all over it. Once they load a different game, that super fetch for the prior game gets wiped. So when doing your own tests, load up some random other game to clear out any pre-established temporary cache you have on your system. Then load up whatever game you want to test. How are they configuring Dimmdrive? Have they left ample RAM for the game? Is the game itself capable of using the high speeds? Eg, Solitaire won't use it for example I'll be doing more videos in the future, especially as I get the hang of doing comparisons/benchmarks.