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Found 2 results

  1. There is a new DDR4 memory module on the market, it's called memory1. Each module has a max density of 256 gb ( per module). Its produced by a company call Diablo. This is a link to one of their articles. My question is- is it possible for Dimmdrive to recognize/ support up to 2 TBs of ram even if the motherboard can only support 64 gbs?.
  2. Hey, I'm Spritzo. I created an account just to ask this question because I couldn't seem to find anyone else asking the same thing. I've known about DimmDrive for a while but I've never used it simply because I do a bunch of multitasking even while I'm playing my video games. I livestream daily as well, and that also involves quite a bit of multitasking; I usually have about five programs open during my stream, all necessary for the stream of course. I would like to know if DimmDrive would hinder my ability to multitask while playing a game, or affect my streaming quality or my streaming "effectiveness" I guess. From my understanding, DimmDrive simply allocates a select amount of RAM to serve as a temporary hard drive to store the game files while you're playing, and the remaining RAM that isn't being used by DimmDrive is still available for whatever it is you need it for (other programs and such). Is this correct to assume? Is this what DimmDrive does? I currently have 16GB of RAM, and lets say I choose to allocate 8GB to DimmDrive to play Guild Wars 2, I would have 8GB left to use elsewhere, in my case, programs needed for streaming. At this point I don't really know how much RAM I use while I'm streaming, so I don't know if there would ever be a case where I wouldn't have enough extra RAM for extra programs while running DimmDrive. It's never been an issue so I've never checked my RAM usage while streaming or simply multitasking. I can't imagine that I use 8GB, but this is strictly an example. TL;DR: With 16GB RAM available in my PC, would using DimmDrive affect my ability to multitask while playing video games? Thanks.