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  1. Hi TIM; First of all I'd like to comment on the general experience. I stumbled across your software on one of the ASUS forums where you were promoting it. I was a little hesitant at first, given the lack of website reviews, but enough forum digging convinced me to give it a try. I'm really loving it so far. Why don't you get the word out more? I posted an announcement to get this out to my small community of gamers here: I hope this helps! A few things I think that would really help (I hope you don't mind me being honest here!): 1. New interface: The current interface is really, really tacky, like 90's CD keygen software cracky tacky. Here's an example of a much cleaner, more professional interface: I think as paid software, it should be professional. 2. Centralized game profile support, with user ratings. For example, if I have, say, 8GB of RAM, and I can only load in a few texture/map folders of a game, I could make up that profile and submit it to a central database. Users could browse through these, try them, and rate/review them (i.e. 9/10 stars and appropriate user RAM amount) with some text input support to allow users to comment. As a user, I could search game keywords and sort the results by rating. Then download the profile and apply it to my system. The profile would also occasionally check the database for new versions. 3. Direct Star Citizen support. Again, here is a title where most users could really benefit from a selection of user generated profiles. It's a crowd funded title that's in a constant state of alpha patch release cycles atm, thus a user profile database would help reduce the effort of keeping up with the changes to partial game RAMDISK installs. Regards; Uncle Fred