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Found 3 results

  1. It would be nice to improve the organization of the Games tab using Steam Categories, which could be pulled from "$STEAM/userdata/$UID/7/remote/sharedconfig.vdf", especially if the categories were nested. This could be a real time-saver for users with particularly large libraries.
  2. In the future, I do hope to see the program being able to update without having to re-install the whole thing. As it is currently though, it's pretty good.
  3. Just throwing this idea out there. It might not be viable once it is tossed around but who knows. What would the pros and cons be for selling a 32gb or 64gb USB stick with DimmDrive already installed on it and ready to go. I can see some pros, such as easily installed, dedicated swap space, safe from data loss. There are probably others and probably some cons as well. What do you think, Mythicae