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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I just purchased Dimmdrive about 2 hours ago via the website and I am having issues running it. It asks for my forum login, which i set up directly from the link in the purchase email, and when I go to log into the program it says that it cannot connect to the Dimmdrive servers. I have made sure that the program is allowed through windows firewall and that there are no programs blocking its access to the web. Some help would be appreciated. Thanks, Kev
  2. I have 32GB RAM so the whole game loads into the drive. When I click on the Game to launch it, nothing happens. Sometimes I get an error which I will paste here if I re-create that issue. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hi, Everytime I try to Enable Dimmdrive I keep on getting the error message: Unclean Shutdown Detected. Dimmdrive has detected an unclean shutdown and reverted any symbolic link changes. Please start your dimmdrive agian. had multiple restarts, also uninstalled and re-insatlled. Also ran lodctr /r to see if that would help And ran the repair tool and removed config files. Also went through the registry and removed all references to Dimmdrive before reinstalling it again On Win 8.1 and Dimmdrive version
  4. Hey Tim, System Info: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit 8GB RAM ddr3 SSD for boot, HHD for games Have Steam Bug: Previously opened and dimmdrived program (IMVU in this instance) not able to be re-added to the apps section, having removed it (I believe) with the trash can option within the "less ram" option. I get this message: Image of Error Message