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Found 1 result

  1. I'm excited to announce that we are working on a great feature update to Dimmdrive: The ability to dimmdrive a game that is larger than the actual size of the Dimmdrive that you're using! For example: Let's say you're playing World of Warcraft and your PC has 16GB of RAM total. World of Warcraft = 22 GB (on my system at least) Your 16GB of RAM gives you about 11.5GB of usable Dimmdrive space. (1.5 for WoW, 3 for OS, tweak as needed) Because 22 is greater than 10, you wouldn't be able to Dimmdrive World of Warcraft. Well, in this update, you'll be able to do just that! The way this update will work is it empowers you with the ability to selectively choose which files you want to Dimmdrive for any particular game or program. Again, back to World of Warcraft. The main files in WoW that require lots of disk speed/IO are: Your Interface directory (for all your addons) The specific MPQ files you need accessing (in the Data folder) WoW has a lot of useless data files. For example, lots of cinematics, update base files, update cache files, etc. Those files don't need to run fast because you don't really use them. What you DO need are the expansionX.mpq, model/texture/world MPQ files. So with this Dimmdrive update, you'll be able to intelligently select specific files that you need to go blazing fast, and skip that files that can run normal. With the above information, you can shrink your Dimmdrive down to around 7 - 11 GB VS 22! That's half the size for nearly the same speed gains. I anticipate having this new feature in its initial roll-out completed in a week or less! As always, this update will be free to all Dimmdrive users. Oh, and you want the ability to manually do symbolic links to folders/files of your choosing and still have them be sync'd automatically? You got it - that's coming in this update as well!