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  1. Having small amounts of RAM at a slightly higher speed, or more RAM @ slower speed, with my Mid-Heavy game on DimmDrive? PC Specs: APU A6 6400k 8gb 2133mhz RAM (currently set) or 12gb 1600mhz RAM (with Game On DimmDrive) I would imagine DimmDrive SHOULD have significant amounts of gains if I have the Memory using dimmdrive to allocate the game files right? On an APU at least? I noticed 10-15FPS increase, adding a faster speed from 1600 - 2133mhz. but I am not entirely sure if putting more RAM is better, as most people say, faster RAM is more important that Bigger RAM for APU. I put my entire game on DimmDrive on my main PC, AMD FX8320 with R7 360 card, and virtually no performance increase. So before I add DimmDrive to my APU or More Memory, i would like to know what everyone thinks. Thanks