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  1. This sounds like Windows User Account Control. The files may be "read only". Load the files onto Dimmdrive > Open the Dimmdrive > Select all files/folders > right click > properties > uncheck read only > apply > ok Let me know if that helps! Apologies for the delay!
  2. Exactly, both the Steam and Website versions will have the same functionality.
  3. I personally like the website version better. You still get full Steam functionality. If you buy the Steam version you don't need to have Steam running. One current issue with the Steam version is that the "Start Dimmdrive on Startup" won't work as of right now. It works normally on the website version.
  4. Hi, please leave a little more information. What Operating System are you currently using? If you need help figuring this out let me know. Are you using the Steam version of Dimmdrive or the Stand-Alone version from the website?
  5. Hi there. I need to gather some information on your computer to help you out. Please Press and Hold the Windows Key + R at the same time and type dxdiag and hit enter. Choose NO on the popup if you haven't opened this before. Wait for it to finish gathering information and click Save All Information. Upload that document somewhere and PM the link to me or just copy its contents into a private message. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Michael.
  6. I just sent an email off to the owner of Dimmdrive. He will be in contact with you within the next 48 hours.
  7. Try updating your .Net Framework. Your current version is v4.0.30319 The current version is .NET 4.6.2 which can be found here: Let me know if this fixes it. Be sure that after the install you shutdown your computer (Not restart). Do a full shutdown and then boot it back up.
  8. That stands for EasyAntiCheat. That is Rust's anti-cheat engine. Just like Battleye, we are talking with the developers of the game to allow Dimmdrive to be whitelisted in their software. EAC is seeing Dimmdrive as a cheating tool, essentially.
  9. You'll have to wait for someone who has Black Ops 2 to do testing for you. I do not own that game. Dimmdrive doesn't affect how the game is programmed at all so this isn't a problem with Dimmdrive. All Dimmdrive does is move the game files to the RAM. It doesn't change controls, configs, or anything. I will send them a message for you and see if they can send out a patch to fix this. If you can give any more information on the matter that would be great. The more information the better. OS: CPU: RAM: Best, Michael.
  10. That is about all the best you will be able to do with 8GB of ram.
  11. We are looking into solving the spambot problem. We are receiving your reports on the spam, but it is nearly impossible to keep up with 2000+ spam posts. The web developer is working on a solution. Hopefully it is fixed soon. Best, Michael.
  12. Yeah with that RAM you're getting the speed you should expect. In order to decrease loading times even further you'd need faster RAM, but it will only give you so much. If you're an enthusiast and had all the money in the world you could no doubt decrease loading times to just a few seconds, but it may cost a few thousand dollars haha.
  13. It is possible, but another thing I forgot is that it also depends on the game engine! If the game is poorly programmed then there may actually be a limit of how much data it can read/write. Another is that most games and software don't use 64bit processing, but rather 32 which limits the speed that you can get as well! Can you give me a link to the exact motherboard and RAM that you have please.
  14. Apologies for the late reply. I've been extremely busy! Honestly the A6 cpu is going to bottleneck any benefite you'd get from the 2133mhz RAM. I'd go with the higher capacity! AMD doesn't have very good single core performance compared to intel. The per core performance is only 1413 which is pretty terrible. With Dimmdrive it would more than likely bottle neck the 2133mhz RAM I have an i5 4670k and its per core performance is significantly higher and I have 32GB of 1600mhz RAM. Per core performance is 2200 which means that one of my 4 cores is almost as good as your entire CPU working all together.
  15. Hey there Serial! Tim no longer has any part of Dimmdrive. He sold it and new owners took over relatively recently. I am one of the moderators on here. I'm not sure on your technical know-how, but you say you have 12GB of 1333 DDR3 RAM now. The 1333 stand for 1333mhz which is the frequency (one part of the speed of RAM). 1333 isn't bad, but it isn't great either. The speed that you get from Dimmdrive is dependent on quite a few things actually. Your CPU Speed, RAM Speed (frequency and timing), Front Side Bus, Northbridge. DDR stands for Double Data Rate. It's a bit of a misnomer, but you half your frequency and that essentially is your speed of your frequency since DDR allows twice the throughput which is why if you go to overclock you will see your ram at the speed of 800mhz if you have 1600mhz RAM. If you went to overclock you would see 666mhz in your bios. That is besides the point though. If you want even faster Dimmdrive speeds you're going to need something truly fast like an i7 4790k and some really fast ram. The front side bus and northbridge don't matter do much with this cpu and the choice of ram you'd need to get since the motherboards that can hold an i7 4790k generally all have top of the line hardware to accommodate the fast cpu and ram among other things. I currently have an i5 4670k at 3.5Ghz which boosts to nearly 3.8 and my 1600mhz RAM. I typically get close to 7-8000 megabits per second on my speed with ATTO and Crystal Disk Mark. If you have any more questions let me know. I reply when I can. I am not a paid moderator and I have a job. I get on here when I can. Best, Michael.