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  1. Strange enough... rebooting the system -which does not automatically open Dimmdrive upon reboot- makes the postSync folder synchronize properly with the original content, while manually closing the program or manually stopping the drive will not. Weird, though it should not need a reboot to work when it has an off button . The symlink folder seems to be more persistent, but it does not seem to bother that much as not having content synchronized to the originals.
  2. I found this while test running Dimmdrive... please fix: Post System Info: OS: Windows 10 Pro, up to date Amount of RAM: 32 GB HD for boot, HD for games 8 GB, 24 GB Have Steam? Yes (N.A.) Dimmdrive 2.1.8 Using Bitlocker. Samsung SSD 840/850 Pro drives. User folder: adelc, username contains "é" but is not present in folder name. Describe The Bug: When adding the ".minecraft" folder (located under %appdata%, in my case C:\Users\adelc\AppData\Roaming, 200-500 MB), after changing files and turning off the drive the original files will not be updated and two folders are left behind -one with the updated files (.minecraft.dd.postSync) and a symbolic link folder .minecraft.dd.symlink. Steps To Reproduce: 1) Dragged and dropped ".minecraft" folder (from %appdata%, in my case C:\Users\adelc\AppData\Roaming) into the Apps section 2) Added the minecraft shortcut as well, but I suppose it has nothing to do with it 3) Activated both 4) Started the drive 5) Changed files either within the game or through the OS 6) Turned off the drive EXPECTED: Original file location gets the latest files. No other extra folders. ACTUAL: Original file location not updated. Two folders are left behind -one with the updated files (.minecraft.dd.postSync) and a symbolic link folder .minecraft.dd.symlink. Update (Jan 30th): Trying the same scenario with a "C:\Test" folder with a single new text file just ended up in Test.dd.symlink left behind (no postsync) and the change to the text file simply lost. I am surprised to be the only one seeing this?