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  1. the less ram option essentially allows you to cherry pick which files you want to use the ramdrive and leave the rest where they are. For a virtual machine in ram it would not really be applicable unless you split your stuff on it on multiple virtual hard disk. If you really want to run windows from ram directly (without using a virtual machine), there are existing options out there but its generally complicated and as with many things, come with its own set of problems.
  2. yes, just press the on button to turn it off. Its in the top left part of the dimmdrive window. Keep in mind that when you turn it back on, it will have to recopy the files to the ramd drive
  3. After doing a few more test. Turn out that this issue only happen when file synchronization is unchecked. In my case, i know all the files i'm using on the ramdrives are static data and see no need to even bother checking for sync. It sound to me like its not using the same validation code when this is disabled.
  4. As shown in the screenshot, even tho the less ram configuration is claiming it can be enabled. Attempting to enable it result in the error box mentioning the error. I cannot say for sure if its because the game is larger than the ramdisk setup, or because its larger than my total available ram (its larger than both obviously). But i know that closing dimmdrive, opening the gamexml file and reducing the InstallDirectorySizeInBytes to small value (im just removing the first 2), allows it to work fine, until i edit the game config again. At which point i must close dimmdrive again, reedit the InstallDirectorySizeInBytes tag and then restart dimmdrive.