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  1. yeap, dragging and dropping doesn't work for me either. I also used the copy-paste function for folders.
  2. Hi everyone! I just wanted to ask if anyone is using dimmdrive for Witcher 3, and which files do you choose to load/boost? Obviously this depends on how much ram you got, but even with the 32GB ram i have i cannot load the entrire witcher 3 folder. I estimate i will be able to use a 20 or 21GB ramdisk volume for this. The obvious selection of files IMO starts with all the known texture files: Selecting the 6 biggest files with "texture" in their names results in ~5GB volume, while selecting all 14 of them means just 5.26GB. From there, and not knowing any better, i looked for other large files (but excluding any video/movie/sound/speech related files), and found "streaming.cache" @ 5.98 GB and buffers0.bundle @ 1.56GB. At this point, i have another 7-8 GB estimated space to use, but no idea which files are important. If you have any experience with this game or any other info that could prove useful, please post your thoughts. Thanks a lot, and happy gaming!