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  1. I was wondering if it would be possible to make dimmdrive load/create ram disk just before I start a game and then when I exit the game dimmdrive automatically unloads/frees the ram I asigned to the game. What I really what is to have dimmdrive profiles( having DD turned on) on every steam game I have (I have around 60 games). Obviously it's impossible to have drimmdrive "ON" for every game I have (I only have 20gb Ram) but if you can include a script or something that makes some kind of automatic load just before a game starts and then automatically unload when I exit the game would be great since I would have all the avaliable ram exclusive to that game. The way dimmdrive runs right now is in a way that it splits the available ram disk space between the games I have dimmdrive turned on. The only downside of this would be that every time I launch/exit a game it would take more time but the general idea of this software I think is to improve in-game loading times a get more Fps. Not sure if I made myself understand. (English is not my native language, sorry)