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  1. There is a new DDR4 memory module on the market, it's called memory1. Each module has a max density of 256 gb ( per module). Its produced by a company call Diablo. This is a link to one of their articles. My question is- is it possible for Dimmdrive to recognize/ support up to 2 TBs of ram even if the motherboard can only support 64 gbs?.
  2. I think Dimmdrive is a awesome tool, very useful and versatile. Question; considering that some motheraords can accommodate up to 256GB of ram- can you make it possible to load the entire OS in to Dimmdrive ( with a symbolic link back to the physical drive )?. If that is possible, would it improve performance, or does the sm951 coupled with the ultra M.2 gen 3 x4 up to 32gbs already got that covered?.