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  1. Can we get an IRC for the top of this site? They are more convenient for chats
  2. Sounds like an honest mistake to me. My 2 cents though, CPU Cores was definitely worth it for me, so I personally recommend it
  3. Hey Tim, I want to say thanks again! My computer was doing that bug where Windows Local Host was maxing out all the CPU's. I ran CPU cores, and it cleared it up. Thanks!
  4. Hello! I'm a big lover of DIMMDrive and CPU Cores, as you already know, After fixing up the internet connection I downloaded skyrim. I only have 8gb of ram when 9.6 was needed, so I entered Less Ram Mode. Having both (not either) Update.bsa and Update.esm, in the data folder, checked made it not work. Not sure whats up with that, but thought you might like to know. These other files contains 1, or a combination, files that didn't work either, but I couldn't pin it down. Strings/ Dragonborn.bsa Skyrim - Voices.bsa Dawngurad.bsa Skyrim - Sounds.bsa Skyrim.esm Skyrim - Misc.bsa HearthFires.bsa Dragonborn.esm Darbguard.bsm Perhaps we can make a pinned thread for games that have issue and which files to not have enabled? Thanks, James