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  1. Please reply whether this proposed feature is yet on the roadmap. Ramdisk is useful for running web browser and for seeding torrents and... and the need to stop/start all, globally, seems really inconvenient. Multiple concurrent instances of dimmdrive, instead of switches enabling toggling individual virtual X,Y,Z named drives within the UI a single dimmdrive instance, either solution would be fine.
  2. as seen in this dimmdrive video at time mark 4:32 As I recall, I was trying to use "lighthearted" wording in the earlier post to avoid putting you on the defensive. In the video, the "hard to find" issue is evident in your narration "let's see... ah... lalala (or somesuch)". You pretty much knew, ahead of time, which files you wanted to select but, due to the non-alphabetic sort in that dialog, user is forced to scroll, hunt, peck. I called the sort order "goofy"; inscrutable would be more accurate. At a glance, the sort is based on SizeOf each subdir entry... no, that's not it (I never did figure out what the sort is based on). Is a dimmdrive preference available to enforce alphabetic sort order of nested subdirectories? Also, is that chooser dialog window resizeable? Asking these questions because I've not yet used dimmdrive; I've only watched the videos. My expected usage/workflow is dealing with repeated search/replace operations across deeply-nested hierarchies of text files (project code). edit: Oops -- in hindsight, posting this to the "bug" subforum was inappropriate.
  3. What commandline arguments does dimmdrive currently support?
  4. The "cannot browse to a directory ABOVE the dir containing .exe" is a valid pain point. Not being able to browse more than one drive letter in the GUI to select files is another pain point. maltopol, as a workaround, consider copying some tiny .exe file into the needed second directory. Bind a brain-dead "app" DimmDrive instance to that exe.
  5. How much bigger? I can't guess whether you meant a percentage ("how much" would depend on size of the ramdisk) or a fixed amount (like "ramdrive housekeeping", er block allocation or whatever, benefits from having xx Mb continually available)
  6. No benefit? Respectfully, I disagree. While torrenting, myriad continuous tiny disk writes occur. Different chunks, arriving simultaneously (and in no particular order) from multiple peers... Improved speed (elimination of drive write contention/queuing) and reduction of drive wear are worthy benefits.
  7. Has this now been fixed in v2.1.3? Is DimmDrive TurboMode "recognizing" an attached drive based on its volume label (vs the UUID of the drive partition)?
  8. Especially when a lot of files exist in a directory you're browsing, the current goofy sort order makes it a PITA to find individual files. This "PITA" is even evident in the YouTube howto video (@5:12) ~~ "Let's just find... lalala". Yeah.
  9. Confused. Contrary to the quoted advice... ...in the demo videos posted to YouTube, an instance of windows Explorer (displaying content of HDD-resident folder) is kept open while DimmDrive is launched.