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  1. Hi Tim, it uses the Maximus Arcade Frontend framework. I designed the layout and artwork for the interface.
  2. I'd use it in general Tim. For example, to load the media files for the arcade frontend. Here's my customised design for clarity: As the red central game selection bar is moved up and down, it loads the associated media and then displays them on the left to show a segment of gameplay. This can result in a pause as it does so, so I'd like to be able to load these at startup. Once a game is selected, it invokes a batch file. For some of the games, I'd like to be able to use Dimmdrive to load files into memory and then release them once complete. It's going into this DIY project build if you're interested btw:
  3. Thanks for the reply Tim. I very much hope this feature gets implemented!
  4. Thanks very much for replying Tim. I think this would be the reverse of what I would like as this would enable batch file execution within Dimmdrive. What I would like to achieve is to control Dimmdrive through batch file commands. What I am trying to achieve is as follows: Launch Dimmdrive Launch arcade frontend Select Game (invokes a batch file) which results in: -Execution of a command to enable a game in Dimmdrive -Execution of a command to activate Dimmdrive -Launch game Options to do the reverse i.e. disable a game within Dimmdrive and disable Dimmdrive itself would alslo be useful to reset the state on game exit. In the frontend I use, there is also the option to run pre-lauch jobs from a command line so the game enable/Dimmdrive activation could be invoked that way also.
  5. I would like a command line option (to execute within a bach file) to enable a game in Dimmdrive, activate Dimmdrive and then launch (also the reverse). It would make automation much easier and is an essential feature imho.
  6. I would like to see this feature added too. Especially useful for games with a large number of files to sort through.