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  1. Same Issue, no resolve?
  2. Having small amounts of RAM at a slightly higher speed, or more RAM @ slower speed, with my Mid-Heavy game on DimmDrive? PC Specs: APU A6 6400k 8gb 2133mhz RAM (currently set) or 12gb 1600mhz RAM (with Game On DimmDrive) I would imagine DimmDrive SHOULD have significant amounts of gains if I have the Memory using dimmdrive to allocate the game files right? On an APU at least? I noticed 10-15FPS increase, adding a faster speed from 1600 - 2133mhz. but I am not entirely sure if putting more RAM is better, as most people say, faster RAM is more important that Bigger RAM for APU. I put my entire game on DimmDrive on my main PC, AMD FX8320 with R7 360 card, and virtually no performance increase. So before I add DimmDrive to my APU or More Memory, i would like to know what everyone thinks. Thanks
  3. I have been running Google Chrome in DimmDrive, with noticeable results. But, as of late, My ISP *Internet Service Provider* has been giving Google Chrome, "Network Failures", especially with large (and some relatively small 35MB) file downloads. So, I have switched to using Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 (64bit). When network failures arise, it at least pauses and I can resume, without download loss. My question is, How do I put Microsoft Edge into DimmDrive? When I try, same ways applied with Chrome.. I click the 'Apps' tab on DimmDrive, click and drag Edge to the dropbox, but I receive an error each time. Error along the lines of "Cannot Add Program, Please Check Shortcut Link Outside of DimmDrive" Next, When I close down DimmDrive, and Restart PC, I try to drag again into DimmDrive, and different error occurs.. "Could Not Add Program. Imported Programs Already Contains An Entry With The Same Location" In Which I see, a "White Star", "On-Off Switch", and "Configuration" icon. But no name listed, and those switches, icons, whatever they are, are not functional. DimmDrive is not turned on, meaning, it is not switched to the On function. No Ram Drive created. No issues, with games or other apps being used. I also made sure, that Microsoft Edge, and related Processes are closed when trying to add. *Update* I uninstalled DimmDrive, as it would not open, which is somewhat common, maybe have had to do so 5-6 times since purchase (1yr?) and saw the link to download Windows 10 version, and downloaded that, but same result with previous version as well as Windows 10 version of DimmDrive. Thanks for any comments and replies
  4. Update: 8 consecutive successful runs with DimmDrive. Have not seen what turned out to be, Compressed Files in C: Drive (Blue Font), after the first delete. Still received "Unclean Shutdown Error"s, went into Game folder, (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\(Game Folder) and deleted the selected files for DimmDrive (<game file/folder>.DD.presync) Looks like, the files/folders would get hung up on shutdown, but once I deleted them.. they haven't returned thus far. All the while, trying to recreate these errors by leaving games open while closing DimmDrive, shutdown pc unexepectedly with DimmDrive open.. Nothing. Working fine now. Will update if any changes. And not sure if this is just a user error on my behalf, but if there's someone stupid enough like me this is what I'm doing...
  5. Update** After re-installing DimmDrive & Game, DimmDrive allowed to run selected "Less Ram Files" again.. but upon close and then restart of comp, DimmDrive, had same error of "Unclean Shutdown". The game could not launch again either.. I did not see specific file names, but something along, RamDisk.bak & RamDisk.iso (these were in Blue Font for me), were in the C: Drive, and I deleted them, resolving the Error and Game stopping. DimmDrive, can load game, and run properly, after deleting these files in C: Drive, but seems to have to be done after every restart, and "Unclean Shutdown Error"
  6. Thank you for the quick reply.. I'm having a hell of a time over here. Not sure how or if I can embed a photo on here. But here's a link. (click the hyperlink icon, and it won't let me push ok or leave) https://r74sharing.shutterfly.com/pictures/9 An update since last post.. When I start DimmDrive, The .exe files from the Steam Game (Americas Army) are being removed from root directory and not being shown in Ram Drive. Re-installed game each time I try to start DimmDrive services. But now.. I'm getting this "Unclean Shutdown Error" and can't get rid of it. I've closed all services, reboot app, reboot comp, Changed/Removed settings on DimmDrive. Going to try to re-install DimmDrive next. I was having successful closes before, with original issue, but now, Can't even start DimmDrive at all.
  7. I just purchased DimmDrive, and trying different variations to boost my gameplay.. but that's another topic. Anyway, the game I want to use this for, (America's Army Proving Grounds), is bigger file size, than my RAM on System. So I use the "Less RAM" selection.. I notice now, that when I view the RAM Drive, that only some of my Apps that are "On" in DimmDrive, are not in the newly created Ram Drive.. I should be close to exceeding storage limit, but it says the opposite.. I am almost EMPTY in the RAM Drive. So, it would look like, im using up RAM, for nothing?? *I have increased my RAM availability, still same problem.. files aren't copied to new drive, yet it says it's "On" and green in DimmDrive. **Also, DimmDrive is CHANGING my RAM Drive from 5gb (my input), to 4.2gb (DimmDrive input) on startup. Maybe it's trying to save memory space for me? if not needed?? Please help.. Currently, I cannot use DimmDrive, as it would be pointless to take away RAM from the system, for a Drive that has nothing in it. Thank you, and Hopeful for a better gameplay experience.. ~Ryan