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  1. You'll have to provide more information, version of Windows and are you running as an admin? If it is Windows 10 are you running dimmdrive as admin? Some system specs. might help. I have also found that running both as admin and dimmdrive as admin helps.
  2. You'll have to provide more information, version of Windows and are you running as an admin? If it is Windows 10 are you running dimmdrive as admin? Some system specs. might help.
  3. There wouldn't be a reduction in draw calls however the more per second it is pulling from the ram drive vs even an NVMe will show a greater performance difference.
  4. ooooo that would be nice.
  5. mmmm unfortunately I don't happen to have bitdefender nor any real experience with it to tell you what to try next. What I can tell you is that I can run dimmdrive just fine in Windows 10 64 bit Enterprise edition.
  6. Have you tried telling Bitdefender to ignore the Dimmdrive directory and files?
  7. LOL I was just thinking the same thing here, but I can wait. Right now I'm using a massive hosts file that blocks most of the MS crap. I would love the option put in so that when Cortana is disabled you hear her plead not to killer off followed by gun shots..... OK well yeah I hate Cortana, the spying bitch needs to die.
  8. I was wondering, just spit balling here BUT: couldn't you have GRUB make a big ram drive and then copy the OS into that and after the copy hand the boot process off to the OS in ram? Sure you would have a stub holding the works together but would it still be outside the realm of possibility? Granted you would also need an option to boot off the drive for updates and/or possibly a method to write the files to the drive after the OS has shut down depending on how you have it setup.....
  9. http://www.tweaktown.com/news/49572/skills-reveals-colossal-128gb-ddr4-ram-kits-clocked-3-000mhz/index.html I would love to see the numbers dimmdrive would post with this kit.
  10. I'm just curious as just how much of an impact this might have on performance with DIMMDRIVE. I found this link that explains the two features. http://mikepokeeffe.blogspot.ca/2010/02/channel-interleave-and-rank.html
  11. I wonder just how much drive space is available when playing these games as you play them if the available space is declining. OR if you have a bad or marginal stick of memory. The first thing I would do is get the latest version of memtest86 and run it over night on the system. I wouldn't be surprised if you find one is marginal. And yes it works with DDR4 just fine for those that have DD4, it just doesn't say on the main page that it does, it was added in a patch. Another thing could be a driver issue, are all of your drivers up to date? Are you overclocking the memory? Just what was the full error message? Just wondering.
  12. Just add to it a flashing red neon sign "Warning by canceling the copy now you might bring the apocalypse down on your system". It might not stop all the complaints but they can't say they weren't warned.
  13. Sometimes when I post I go back and read things I posted and it looks like I was drunk at the time of writing =). This post is to clear some of that up. If you remember Gear it I think cut out wait states completely or you could add them in too. For offline games it was great in that it would really speed things up even for some operations in office. It would also work great with taking really old DOS games that would blaze along way too fast to play and you could slow them down to a playable speed. If you used it in online games and you tweaked it too high you would get boot/banned in many online games. But as I said great for offline games. The services side of things I think would be very helpful to get another few percent out of a system. Obviously not everyone would be able to use it properly so you might want to put a red flashing banner on those options stating it might cause your system to meltdown and burn a hole to the core of the earth, use at your own peril type of thing.
  14. Another feature that would be nice is if there was one that could shut down services that are not required while gaming and turn them back on like themes, setting it to a basic theme and so on. There is a list on Black Viper's website that lists different services that can be shut down to get more juice from a system. Then as I recall there was a tool years ago called gear that would make some tweak to the system and things would just blast along however online games would flag you and boot/ban you but worked great for online games. I never investigated how it worked however I did run it a few times testing it out and it worked great, it was adjustable and such so that you could slow down really old games that were running too fast on new hardware but it worked well on old games. SO you might want to look at that and how it worked I think it had to do with zeroing out skipping wait states and such but I don't remember for sure.