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  1. I fixed it. The problem was that the syn directory is hidden. I did not knew and having the show hidden file option disabled I could not find it. I tried again to run dimmdrive twice. It will start stice and will let you create the ramdrive a second time. And also this timeit crashed and deleted the game it was loading. Still saving on the could, so not a big deal. Just to let you know Thanks
  2. Hello. Any news on my problem? Do you need more informations? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply. I tried restarting several times and also uninstalling and reinstalling both the game and dimmdrive Also, I confirm that explorer or the game were closed Thanks for looking into this, please let me know Regards
  4. Hi. I am getting "Dimmdrive has detected an unclean shutdown and reverted any symbolic link changes. Please start your Dimmdrive again" No matter how many times I restart it, it still get to that message. What happened to get there was: I had dimmdrive running. By mistake I started another copy of it. It started and started creating another ramdrive. Everything crashed. The game I was mirroring was deleted from the Hard Drive (!!!!!) After reinstalling the game (thanksfully the saves where on the cloud) no matter what I do I get the above error. What are the steps to recover from this? Thanks