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  1. Hmmm, yes young Linus is a very cluey young man, but, from what I hear on his tech tips doesn't like to spend money. He also didn't say too much about performance. I had Assettocorsa on SSD and my FPS was around 143 FPS (reported by Assettocorsa), on Dimmdrive the software (Assettocorsa) was reporting over 250 FPS (can't get my head around that), so performance was certainly up there. I have used Dataram's ramdrive which was $15 but had to be manipulated to run the games, whereas Dimmdrive takes care of most of the manipulation making the loading simpler, I didn't buy any ramdrive to "load my games quicker" but to run the games smoother achieving a more pleasurable experience. At the end of Linus's review it all came down to price, $10?, I can't see Linus sitting down for hours writing software to virtually give it away. I gladly paid $30 as I noticed the author was right in there fixing up bugs and also asking for input from users for future features to implement and I didn't have to scratch my head as often wondering why something wouldn't run. But that's just what I think.
  2. Yes I did the the more ram option copying the whole program into Dimmdrive and when I tried to launch from Dimmdrive got an install option so obviously the game wanted to run from it's original location. My game size was 5.6GB. That's all I got, sorry.
  3. I have X99, 5930k, 32Gb DDR4, 2x gtx980 in SLI. Dimmdrive is excellent, I play a thing called Euro Truck Simulator 2 which will stutter like crazy from a standard Sata 3 HDD. It runs reasonably well from an SSD, but as we all know SSDs are very expensive for storage so I store all my games on a 1TB HDD and run them from Dimmdrive with brilliant results. I tried another ramdrive before hearing about Dimmdrive, but had to manipulate windows and drive letters to get around copy protection (steam installs). Another thingy, I downloaded Fallout: New Las Vegas, which returned an error on first loading attempt (5:0000065434), however, when I loaded it in Dimmdrive it loaded without any errors at all (obviously a link problem which I haven't looked into yet but now don't have to as Dimmdrive took care of it automatically). As I've said somewhere before "a brilliant piece of software". Thank you Tim.
  4. I use a program called Directory Opus which has many options. I run everything from it including games which I might have to load from a batch command to run other utilities the games might require. When launching my game or app from Dimmdrive I have no way of running the necessary utilities so I load my Dimmdrive then have to revert back to Directory Opus to run the batch command which has been redirected to the Dimmdrive. Some people may not have this ability, can Dimmdrive run a batch file instead of just the game or application loaded on it. I hope you understand what I'm getting at, Thanks Tim.