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  1. Thanks so much for your response. One clarification that's important for me is that I want to have everything loaded into Dimmdrive, but when I ctrl+s I want the save to save directly to a server, not locally on the dimmdrive. I imagine that this will happen by default, just like running Revit from my HDD, but I'm looking for something to ease my mind I suppose haha Well, with regards to IT, since I'll need to use it through steam to have the latest versions, I guess it's not a big deal if they remove it.
  2. Can I easily use DimmDrive with Autodesk Revit and have it save my files to a server as opposed to onto the ram disk or hard disk?
  3. Hello all, I saw this release on steam and am extremely curious. While I have a beast of a system at home for gaming with 32gb Corsair Dominator platinum 2133 which is likely perfect for this, I also have a m.2 ssd (sata based :/) and 4790k/gtx980. This won't do much for me on a gaming basis. On the other hand, I've been pretty frustrated since starting work with this garbage Dell T3610 Workstation. It's enough for my purposes in almost all aspects except the hdd (a WD veliciraptor). I almost never use more than 10gb out of my 32gb of whatever ram is in this guy, and the process of A. buying my own ssd for work, and B. installing and implementing everything through IT is something I'll wind up never doing. While I'm sure there's a decent bottleneck with the Quadro K4000 using Autocad and Revit, I do believe an SSD would seriously boost the time it takes these programs to execute commands etc. I'm curious to hear your opinions, but more curious to give this program a shot before I buy it. I'm not shy of spending money on my work kit (I mean I'm among the only people in my 150+ person office using something better than a stock dell mouse and keyboard, [mionix naos 7000 {that pinky rest at work is glorious} and steelseries v/2 if interested]), but I don't want to drop $30 on something that I may not be able to run due to IT concerns, or that might not boost my key program performance. I mean, way I see it I come in on Monday, load up the ram disk, and my workstation wont shut until Friday. Apologies for some sloppy grammar, I AM at work xD