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  1. I take it this isn't going to get fixed. Bit frustrated and disappointed with this product, to be honest.
  2. Hi, Tim has contacted me to say that he's working on a fix to this issue in the Steam version.
  3. Disabling the "launch at startup" option doesn't work for me. If I disable it, it simply doesn't start and I have to launch it manually from steam or the shortcut - and then I have to activate it. Tim...?
  4. answered

    Hi. I'm having the same problem. Any chance I could be squared away too?
  5. I purchased dimmdrive today and can get it to run successfully and shunt my game into memory. The last remaining thing I'd like to do is get it to run automatically and activate on startup. I've ticked the boxes, but when it comes to log in it comes back with the error: !!! Dimmdrive could not authenticate your account. !!! The details I'm using to Login to Dimmdrive are the same details that I'm using for the forum. Please note, I bought dimmdrive through Steam.
  6. That's excellent news. Let me get my wallet...
  7. I'm really tempted by dimmdrive as I have more ram than I probably need (currently). I've tried ramdrive in the past, but it was of limited use as the overhead to shift files to and from the ramdrive was a pain. Dimmdrive's integration with apps looks like a really good solution. Oddly, my only reservation would be that I've heard that when running a game using dimmdrive steam only tracks the dimmdrive activity, not the game activity. So as far as steam is concerned you are "playing" dimmdrive, not the game. I'd find this frustrating as I'm one of those weirdos who likes to see how long I've been playing and to track my achievements. Please tell me it isn't so...