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  1. Hello, First off, great work with the tool. It's really improved my gaming experience. However, I would like to make a request to include a "Cancel" button in the transfer window. It's very frustrating to start bootstrapping 10-15 GB of data just to forget that you actually wanted to include another game worth a few gigs as well. So you need to wait for the 15GB to finish transferring, then disable the Ramdrive, then transfer again ~20GB. Ideally, I would be able to cancel the initial transfer as soon as I realize that I need to include more data in the transfer. Regards, Buf
  2. Great news, thanks!
  3. Hey there, Tim. Great piece of (technological) art, I must admit, and even the look&feel has some sort of shiny, fast feeling to it. However, I have but one grudge with the UI... It is terrible to view on full HD monitors... let alone bigger resolutions. Please make it resizable, or at least maximizable. It's really a shame to have a tiny window on my screen to choose my games from. Keep up the good work! Regards, Claudiu