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  1. just a minor thing: dimmdrive seems to leave some sort of symlink file in the save game folder for the steam version of kerbal space program, causing the game to pop up an error message that an invalid or corrupt save is in the save folder, asking if i want to delete it. if i say no i can't access the load game feature, the game freezes. if i say delete, it works fine but doesn't delete it. doesn't seem to affect anything else that i've noticed, just 1 annoying popup whenever i try to load a previously saved game.
  2. no i did that. no matter what size i selected, there was still a ghost 3.07gb that the program "thought" was there that really wasn't. i had to raise it to 4gb just to get the dimmdrive to enable with no apps or games enabled. i didn't want to use more than half my total ram to make a ramdisk with so i wasn't going to go above 4. with the 4, i couldn't fit a game or even a significant part of a game with the remaining 993mb. after reinstalling both the program and the service it was back to normal though. having nothing selected truly was 0 mb not 3.07gb. so everything is working.
  3. nvm i fixed it. i had to uninstall the service from add/remove programs as well. works now. perhaps consider adding a feature to be able to clear that without uninstalling in the future?
  4. i haven't used dimmdrive in awhile. i fired it up and it thinks there is 3.07GB on the drive. i have no games or apps enabled and the default 2GB size setting. i get a popup saying i've selected 3.07GB which is too big for the 2GB drive, of course. but like i said i have nothing enabled so it should be 0 GB. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling dimmdrive and every available option within the app itself, to no avail. if i set dimmdrive to 4GB and enable it works, BUT when i go into the drive that is created there is nothing in it. 3.07 GB of nothing. so i tried adding a 2GB game and once again get the message that i'm using too much space for the 4GB drive, even though i know the only thing in there is the 2GB game. what can i do to fix this? or is the software now a $30 pile of garbage for me? the only thing i can think that MIGHT cause it is if i had a game that i used dimmdrive with back when i first got the app and have since deleted that game.. maybe it somehow thinks that game is still "enabled" on dimmdrive?? i dont know and even if thats the case i have no idea what game it was i've played and deleted a lot of games since then and i'm not about to reinstall all of them just to find the right one.