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  1. grab link that has IMG /IMG at the end........tinypic worked for me [ ][ ]
  2. I found changing some of my config files helped , Now this is let me remind you , is without steam edition . There are numerous changes to the config file to help you get rid of problems associated with the game. so if you are interested in doing so please let me know ,so I'm not wasting my breath. Im not trying to give you any files or sell you any files, im just trying to give you some insight and know how to maybe make your game faster , I've had to do this with my machine to make the game run smooth , and with trial and error seemed to accomplish that ,at least to my satisfaction....so enough of the foreplay so to speak . ill check back to see if you still might need help . dont get me wrong and i dont mean to step on toes here, Dimmdrive is a great product but with Dimmdrive and a tweeking of the config files ,you will have a smooth running fsx. Hopefully i can steer you in the right direction to fixing those micro stutters