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  1. Anyone been able to get Guild Wars 2 to work with Dimmdrive? I have 32Gb of RAM but my GW2 .dat file is already insanely large at 21.1Gb and seems to grow every week. I was able, once (by stopping all background operastions, services, etc.) to get it to work with Dimmdrive set to the (Dimmdrive) recommended 23.1Gb, but since that one time I receive and "out of memory" error and subsequent game crash. Sad, because GW2 was the main reason I bought Dimmdrive...
  2. The latest release (2.1.2 / 2015 03 11) solved my issue. I hope you can say the same, too, after you apply the update...
  3. Never mind... SHIFT 2 was on sale this week on Steam for $4.99; including both DLC packs. So... I first uninstalled all of the EA / Origin crap then installed the game through Steam. Everything works exceptionally well with Dimmdrive! :: crossing fingers :: I hope I will be able to say the same about the upcoming PROJECT Cars release!
  4. I've actually experimented with everything you suggested, and more! I was just wondering, specifically, about Dimmdrive. Thanks for the response, Tim!
  5. Does changing the size of a Windows 7 page / swap file affect Dimmdrive's performance?
  6. I purchased SHIFT2: Unleashed a couple of years ago through Origin and received the "Legends" DLC pack with it, as a separate download. Using Dimmdrive to load and lauch, only the base game loads and launches; all of the gam progress is there, just the cars and tracks from the "Legends" DLC pack are missing. When using Origin or Windows 7 (directly) to launch the game, everything loads and plays as it should, including all the cars and tracks from the "Legends" DLC pack. Windows 7 x64 Professional 32GB Corsair DDR3 Intel i7-3820 nVidia GTX 970 WD Velociraptor (1Tb)
  7. I have the same issue. I purchased through Steam and assumed the requested login information would be that which iassociated with my Steam account but apparently not.
  8. I "solved" the issuee myself. The configuration issue was the result of the available documentation lagging behind the release.
  9. OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 (Updates current as of this post) Processor: Intel i7-3820 @ 3.6 GHz Memory: 32 GB DDR3 @ 800 MHz (10 10 10 27) When I run Steam Lister it provides the following information (along with the list of installed games, but the games list is not germane to my issue): Dimmdrive Driver: SERVICE_RUNNING Dimmdrive Helper: SERVICE_RUNNING Dimmdrive Helper Service: Connected Failed Server Connection: Server returned status OK (200) I used Windows' Task Manager to verify: Under the Services tab Dimmdrive Helper Service is running. Under the Processes tab ddservice.exe*32 is shown as SYSTEM (owner) using 10,592k memory. The Dimmdrive utility launches and all games are listed. I am able to select a game and launch the related Dimmdrive, as well as view the drive's directory content. My issue is this... When I launch Dimmdrive I have never been given the opportunity to configure memory size. Each launch automatically configures the maximum amount of available memory (29.3 GB). As a result, anything I do subsequently results in a Windows "low memory" warning and in most instances crashes the system. I have tried uninstalling Dimmdrive and manually deleting the directory, running Steam Lister and using the Remove Configuration Files button then reinstalling Dimmdrive. Still... no initial configuration screen and each attempt to use the Dimmdrive utility results in the above mentioned warning / crash scenario.